Dylan Walsh Custom Furniture & Design’s furniture is crafted from a variety of select-grade Australian and exotic timbers. Each piece of timber is hand chosen for its own unique grain pattern and characteristics which adds to the warmth and beauty of your new furniture. As a result, no two pieces are ever the same! All timber used at Dylan Walsh Custom Furniture & Design is sourced from suppliers who strictly adhere to sustainable management principles or has been ethically salvaged.


Dylan Walsh Custom Furniture & Design’s furniture is crafted from a variety of select-grade Australian and exotic timber species. All timber used at Dylan Walsh Custom Furniture & Design is sourced from suppliers who strictly adhere to sustainable management principles, or from trees which have been salvaged.

Sustainable timber means the forests are harvested in such a way so that each tree removed is replaced by another tree, either naturally grown or hand-planted. The amount of timber removed from a forest is in balance with it’s ability to naturally reproduce new trees.

Salvaged timber is timber which has come from trees which have fallen due to old age, or have come down in wind storms. These trees are normally old-growth trees which would not normally be harvested. It is an ethically-acceptable way of utilising timber that would otherwise go to waste.

The more popular and readily available timbers include:


Western Australian Jarrah is a very dense, hard and heavy timber which is well suited to both indoor and outdoor furniture. It has a rich warm dark red colour and is very seldom stained due to its natural colour and beauty. The intensity of the colour depends on a few factors including the age of the tree before it was logged, how long the timber has been milled, as well as where the timber has come from within the tree; the heartwood is dark red in colour, while the sapwood is usually paler in colour.

Eucalyptus marginata grows best in the wet forests of south west Western Australia, where the rainfall is high. In favourable conditions, the trees can grow to a height of 40 meters, with a diameter up to 2 meters.


Tasmanian Blackwood is a much valued furniture timber that has been used for over 100 years. The grain of this hardwood is predominantly straight but may occasionally be wavy, and varies in colour from light to dark brown with occasional red tints and black streaks. It is an excellent timber to work with and dresses to a smooth finish that takes polish well (it is very rarely stained).

Blackwood is one of the largest of the Australian “Wattles” and can be found from the Atherton Tablelands in north Queensland, along the east coast of NSW to the southeast of South Australia, and in Tasmania. The best natural form is found in moist gullies and in cool temperate rainforest. The main source of Blackwood timber is from the “Blackwood swamps” of north-west Tasmania where the tree grows quite profusely.


New Guinea Rosewood is often a warm golden brown colour. It has a variable grain which is often highly figured. This timber is very rarely stained and is chosen for its natural characteristics. Rosewood is commonly found throughout the Asian and Pacific regions.


Sydney Blue Gum is a majestic white-trunked forest tree found along the coastal belt of New South Wales and into southern Queensland.

It is an open textured hardwood and is pale pink to pinkish red in colour. It has similar characteristics to Rose Gum, but Sydney Blue Gum is a harder and stronger timber. In the past, it was generally only used as a building timber as it was considered difficult to season. However, with the advent of technology and modern kiln-drying techniques, the timber is becoming more sought after and is being used extensively by modern day cabinet makers.


Huon Pine is only found in West and South-West Tasmania (from the Pieman River in the north, to the Huon River in the south). They grow in wet temperate rainforests, especially on the banks of rivers.

It is one of Australia’s most durable and prized timbers. Huon Pine is a rich creamy yellow – gold in colour and the grain can have many features depending on its grade. The more figured and featured the timber, the better the grade. The sample, left, shows a highly figured sample of ‘Birds-eye Huon Pine’.

Huon Pines are very slow growing trees, often growing less than 1mm in girth per year, and can reach magnificent ages, with many trees aged 2,500 years or older! The trees do not reproduce until they are 600 – 800 years old. The timber contains a natural preserving oil called methyl eugenol which makes the tree waterproof and insect repellent, allowing it to survive on or under the forest floor for centuries without degrading.

Huon Pine forests are treated with respect and care. The industry takes very seriously its responsibility to preserve these trees for future generations. For this reason Huon Pines are not logged, and all Huon Pine timber comes from licensed sawmills which have retrieved logs and stumps of long-dead trees from the forest floor.


The name Tasmanian Oak was originally used by early European timber workers who believed the eucalypts showed similar characteristics to English Oak.

Tasmanian Oak is a warm, dense hardwood. It works extremely well as a furniture timber and produces an excellent finish. Tasmanian Oak generally has a very straight and even grain and is naturally light in colour, varying from straw to reddish brown with intermediate shades of cream and pink. It has long-lasting appeal in it’s natural state, but also has excellent staining qualities, making it possible to stain it almost any colour, right through to the very dark chocolate brown shades.


American White Oak is a hard wearing hardwood, predominately found in eastern North America. It’s appearance ranges from pale ochre to mid-brown, with shades of grey and pink. It is similar in appearance to Tasmanian Oak, but has a more distinctive grain pattern, with more decorative figuring. Whilst still being a light coloured timber, it is slightly darker in appearance to Tasmanian Oak.

American Oak has many uses ranging from high-end furniture, architectural interiors, to doors, flooring and panelling.

Painted Finish

We are able to finish your furniture in your choice of colour, including colour matching to your wall colour. When this finish is chosen, we use a Heat and Moisture Resistant (HMR) MDF board, which is then prepared and finished in your chosen colour. A strong, durable, clear top coat is then applied to maintain the finish. HMR MDF is NOT particleboard/chipboard. It is a long lasting material and will not flake or crumble like particleboard/chipboard.

Showroom samples

We have samples of these timbers in our Showroom which you can take home and compare with your existing flooring, wall colour and other furnishings. These timbers have been used in our Showroom furniture so that you can view the timbers and their characteristics on a large scale and get a feel for their warmth and beauty.

If the specific timber you have in mind is not listed above, please ask. Chances are, we will be able to source it from one of our reliable timber merchants who specialise in rare and unique timbers. If not, we will be able to recommend a timber which is similar in appearance and characteristics.

Some other timber species we can source include Blackbutt, Queensland Maple, Silver Ash, Red Gum, Celery Top Pine, Australian Red Cedar, Mahogany, Myrtle, Teak and Walnut.


What stain colours and finishes are available?
Unlike many retail stores, you are not limited to choosing from 3 or 4 standard stain colours. All staining and finishing of your furniture is completed in a designated polishing area within our workshop. We only use the best quality stains, lacquers and paints to ensure the final finish is beautiful, yet practical and hard wearing.

With many years of experience, our Furniture Polisher is very particular about his work and has a keen eye for detail. He is capable of colour-matching your new furniture to existing furniture, as well as creating custom stain colours that will harmonise with your home and decor.

Solid paint colours are also available and we can have our paints mixed to any colour. We can even match to your wall colour!