What timbers do you use?
Dylan Walsh Custom Furniture & Design’s furniture is crafted from a variety of select-grade Australian and exotic timber species. All timber used at Bessant is sourced from suppliers who strictly adhere to sustainable management principles, or from timber which has been salvaged.

Sustainable timber means the forests are harvested in such a way so that each tree removed is replaced by another tree, either naturally grown or hand-planted. The amount of timber removed from a forest is in balance with it’s ability to naturally reproduce new trees.

Salvaged timber has come from trees which have fallen due to old age, or have come down in wind storms. These trees are normally old-growth trees which would not normally be harvested. It is an ethically-acceptable way of utilising timber that would otherwise go to waste.


What stain colours and finishes are available?
Unlike many retail stores, you are not limited to choosing from 3 or 4 standard stain colours. All staining and finishing of your furniture is completed in a designated polishing area within our workshop. We only use the best quality stains, lacquers and paints to ensure the final finish is beautiful, yet practical and hard wearing. We employ the services of a very talented Furniture Polisher who has won many awards. With many years of experience, our polisher is very particular about his work and has a keen eye for detail. He is capable of colour-matching your new furniture to existing furniture, as well as creating custom stain colours that will harmonise with your home and decor.
Solid paint colours are also available and we have the ability to have our paints mixed to any colour. We can even match to your wall colour!


Where can I find out more?

We are happy to assist with your enquiries, advise on available options, and answer any questions you may have. It is recommended that the preliminary enquiry be conducted in the Dylan Walsh Custom Furniture & Design Showroom. This allows for an easy explanation of different options with regards to timber selection, finish, dimensions, construction methods, fittings, mouldings, glass, handles etc. Our showroom is open 8am – 4pm Monday to Friday, or on Saturdays by prior appointment. After-hours appointments are also available, either in our Showroom, or in your home. Please contact us to arrange a mutually convenient time.
(Please note we are closed on Public Holidays)
Website & E-mail
For long distance and interstate clients, or those who prefer the convenience of shopping from home, we recommend liaising via our website. We have developed an easy to use, no-nonsense site for your convenience. Our website contains photos of past work and a variety of information to help make the planning of your new furniture stress-free and enjoyable.
In Home Consultation
Alternatively, if a Showroom Consultation is not possible, an In-Home Design Consultation may be more convenient. A small charge is payable, however this fee is deducted from the final price when you accept our quote. The in-home consultation fee is kept to a minimum and is charged to cover costs such as fuel and time away from the workplace.
I live outside of the Newcastle/Port Stephens area!
No problems! We have completed work for clients in Melbourne, Sydney, Tamworth, Far North Queensland, even Alice Springs! Where it’s not possible for clients to visit our Showroom, or for us to visit your home, we can discuss your furniture needs over the phone, fax and e-mail. Our website will be a great help for you to view some of our past creations, and to visualise similar options that are available for your desired piece.
How do I obtain a quote?
For your initial enquiry we just need to know 5 basic things in order to provide you with a preliminary quote:
• The item description (i.e. Entertainment Unit, Display Cabinet etc)
• The approx. dimensions (H x W x D etc)
• The configuration and design (a sketch and/or photo will help so we know where you would like any shelves, doors and drawers!)
• Your choice of timber or construction material
• Your contact details

This is generally enough information required to provide you with a preliminary quote estimate. If you would like to proceed to the next stage of the design process, a fully detailed fixed quote/order summary and scale plan drawings will be provided to you for your approval.

How do I know what design is right for me?
The process of designing furniture is a very personal choice. We offer many styles, from modern and contemporary, through to the more traditional and period styles. As our name suggests we only build “custom made furniture”. As all items are special one-off designs, no 2 pieces we craft are ever the same. Our many years of combined experience in furniture design and creation will ensure the design process is comprehensive and thorough yet remains informative, pleasant and enjoyable for our clients.

An easy starting point is to decide if you would like your new piece to match the style of existing furniture already in your home. Alternatively, a great visual help is to have a browse through our website or some home decorating magazines to see if there’s anything similar in style or configuration to what you’re after.

What is the next stage in the design process?
Once an overall style has been determined, we can move onto the next stage of the design process. This involves the confirmation of exact dimensions, the configuration of the piece (ie where the shelves, drawers and doors are to be), the timber selection, and finally the stain or finish that you had in mind.

Once all of these details have been confirmed we can further refine the design by suggesting other possible features and inclusions and advise you on the final selection of the profiles, mouldings, handles, etc in order to achieve your desired look. A detailed quote / final order summary is then prepared and scale plan drawings are created to help you visualise the final piece.

Before you’ll know it, you will have a beautiful custom designed piece of furniture designed and ready to craft.

Does Dylan Walsh give package discounts?
Yes. Due to more efficient document preparation, workshop production, raw materials purchasing and delivery schedules, a package discount usually applies to larger quantities of furniture, e.g. Dining Suite including chairs, room quantity of furniture using the same timber etc. Please enquire for further details.
What if I’d rather add to my collection piece by piece?
That’s fine too! We set up a file for each and every customer. This documents all of your details such as the timber you chose, the handles, stain mix, all mouldings, profiles, etc. That way, when you are ready for the next piece of furniture, we just look over your file and we can craft the new piece to match your existing Bessant furniture.
How long will my furniture take to make?
Due to the unpredictable nature of making a custom designed piece of furniture, we are usually unable to give an exact time frame in which your furniture will be completed. There are many variable factors which can affect the course of production, including the availability of timber and materials, progress of other work, and poor/wet weather in regards to polishing and finishing of your furniture. Please ask us for our “Waiting Period Policy” for further details. As an estimate, we are currently working on 12-14 weeks production time.


Local Delivery
We can arrange and co-ordinate the careful transport of your new furniture via our preferred local contractor. There are always 2 men for the move so all you have to do is tell them where you would like your new piece to be placed! For your peace of mind, our local transport contractors are covered by Public Liability and Damage to Goods Insurance.
What about long distance and interstate delivery?
We only contract reputable furniture carriers to carefully transport our furniture. We take the stress out of this vital stage of the process by arranging quotations for the transport and optional insurance as well as organising the logistics of packing, wrapping, delivery schedules etc. All you have to do is approve the quote of your preferred carrier!
Local Installation
For quality assurance, all necessary installation is personally completed by Dylan Walsh Custom Furniture & Design. For items requiring on-site installation (e.g. wall units, beds, buffets and hutches etc) installation will be carried out on the same day as delivery where possible. In certain circumstances, this will occur on the next working day.
What if my furniture is damaged during transport?
For your peace of mind, all local transport contractors are covered by Public Liability and Damage to Goods Insurance. Separate insurance is available at an additional cost for all interstate and long distance transport. In the unlikely event damage to goods occurs in transit, Dylan Walsh Custom Furniture & Design will personally oversee and co-ordinate all repairs and further transport arrangements with as little inconvenience to you as possible.


Does Dylan Walsh Custom Furniture & Design offer a guarantee?
Over the past years, Dylan Walsh Custom Furniture & Design has developed a strong reputation for crafting quality, solid timber furniture that has been designed and constructed to last the test of time. We believe this reputation has been earned by ensuring a complete quality control process from the initial enquiry to the final installation. Whilst we do not offer a formal guarantee, our policy remains the same “if a problem occurs due to faulty workmanship, then we will fix it.” That’s why we are proud to brand our creations with our family name.


How do I care for my new furniture?
Our furniture is easy to care for. Usually, all that is required is to wipe it over with a soft cloth or duster regularly. All new furniture is delivered complete with care instructions to ensure the long lasting beauty of your new piece. We have a range of care products such as polishes, leather care kits and fabric care kits available for purchase through our showroom. Please enquire for details.

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